The Story of Uproot


Who We Are

Our story is pretty simple, actually. Krista and Sonia met during an Environmental Law and Justice program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sonia had just left her job as a chef at Apple. After a life-changing experience at Thomas Keller’s world-famous French Laundry, a dream was planted: to develop a closer relationship to food and the land on which it is grown. Like most Americans, Krista and Sonia grew up on a steady diet of corn-fed meats. Unlike most Americans, they both became vegans as a result. Once the real story of the lives of these factory-farmed animals became clear, the only solution was to eliminate it from their diets completely. The idea of sustainable meat farming didn’t cross their minds until years later, which is where our story begins.

Ready for a change, the couple made their way to Phoenix, Oregon in 2012 where veggies and layer chickens thrived. After living in Oregon for a couple years they purchased their 2nd property, a 10-acre farm in Bend, Oregon.  According to a local geologist friend, the land was ideal for heritage pigs. The women were warming to the idea of meat raised with a conscience. Over a plate of Full Circle heritage bacon, eggs from the backyard, and coffee roasted right there at home, their breakfast operation, Gunpowder Roasting Ranch was born. Soon the pair were raising free range corn and soy-free heritage pork, farm fresh eggs, and micro-roasted coffee for local foodies in Bend and beyond. It wasn’t long before word got out and wholesale accounts were established at retailers such as Whole Foods, Newport Market, School House Market, Spork, East Meets West, Bangarang, Locavore, and Primal Cuts, where their artisanal crafted sausages, smoked bacon and hams constantly sold out. Business was great. The weather was not.

In 2016 Krista and Sonia uprooted their small family operation and headed for warmer weather in the hills above Ashland. They selected land recently scarred by fire and bursting with oak meadow. The drought tolerance of the environment was perfect for their alternative irrigation practices. They also knew the environment would offer their animals plenty of instinctual foraging, great for muscle tone development, resulting in a higher meat-to-fat ratio and super happy pigs.

As the new farm was established, Oregon’s Green Economy was in full swing and Krista and Sonia set out to supplement their meat operation with income from a licensed recreational cannabis grow. Tough lessons were learned throughout the process and the cannabis business was brought to a close in May of 2018. They found growing recreational cannabis to be unfulfilling in a greedy, heartless industry. As they uncovered the reality of the environmental impacts of the cannabis grow on the land and surrounding community, they realized how disconnected they had become from their values. With the help of expert consultants, soil scientists, civil engineers, Lomakatsi, Jackson Soils and Water Conservation, and Department of Forestry, the land is being restored. Nutrient-rich wastewater produced by chicken processing is a huge component in this restoration.

Uproot Meats, LLC was started by two badass women on a serious mission to make a difference. Today, Sonia does the heavy lifting as our head farmer, builder, and chef. She spends her time geeking out on mechanical projects and expressing her enthusiasm through food. Krista, on the other hand, is all about sales, sustainability, and quality control. She puts Mother Nature’s loving guidance at the forefront of all operational structuring. She’s got a big laugh and an even bigger heart and has been known to ”pick up chicks” all over Portland.

What We Stand For:

Love - We care for the earth, our animals, and each other with the utmost respect.

Sustainability - We tread lightly on the planet and do all we can to give back, and then some.

Convenience - We are committed to making it easy to buy farm-fresh, local meat.

Quality - We love what we do and work hard to provide our customers with products that exceed expectations.

Fun - If it’s not fun, what’s the point?